deadmau5 elates fans with epic new song at Red Rocks

A master of music production and performances, Deadmau5 knows no boundaries when it comes to conquering the electronic music scene. You can always count on the American DJ to deliver the music goods and boy, does he deliver them well. That was the story at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado last Thursday, with the iconic venue playing host to Deadmau5 as he spun an encapsulating two-hour set for the thousands in attendance. And keeping in good Mau5 fashion tantalizing fans atop his Cube 2.1 the DJ dropped an incredible brand new track that proved an instant likening.

Deadmua5 announced the new track but did not unveil the tracks name leaving an acute sense of mystery behind the production. however, the DJ proceeded to astound fans with its the melodic sounds. An instantly blissful melody is shortly followed by a low pounding reverbed kick that sends the senses tingling. The melody gets a synth makeover and bellows out its roaring character as you feel its presence. The track received an exceptional reception from the crowd and looks to be a crowd-pleaser with every play it gets during a Mau5 performance.

The open-air Red Rocks Amphitheatre and its rock structure, coupled with the Cube 2.1 provided the most fitting setting to debut the stunning masterpiece under the evening sky. Check out Deadmua5 dropping his new music below and be sure to share the epicness.