Halsey – New Americana (Dee Mash Remix)

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Chicago-based artist Dee Mash hits another home run with the release of a brand new production. This time around, he drops his brilliant remix of American singer and songwriter Halsey‘s hit “New Americana” taken from her ‘Badlands‘ album.

If there’s a producer worth keeping an eye on right now, he would be Dee Mash. This American talent first caught fans’ attention with the release of his well-supported ‘XIV EP’, which featured three superb tracks.

Afterwards, Dee Mash kept his ascension toward the industry’s higher ranks with the release of more first-rate singles such as “Applaud” and “Wild”. With such heavy momentum on his hand, Dee Mash has just dropped his remix of Halsey’s “New Americana”, which has already started receiving praise from many fans across the globe.

The track opens up with a stunning chord progression alongside Halsey’s striking vocals. A series of melodies also builds up toward the climax and once the drop hits, a surge of energy is brought out from a heavy dose of future bass sounds.

Dee Mash’s remix also features an array of vocal chops, perfectly blending in as an extra element to the track. The sequence repeats and concludes with the second drop sending out such jolting intensity.

Check out the remix below.