Kölsch delivers an inspiring BBC Radio 1 residency mix

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It is no doubt that when Danish native Rune Reilly Kölsch takes to his BBC Radio 1 residency, something magical is about to channel itself across the airwaves. He is one music producer that carries well, a unique talent of having the ability to rewrite the rule-book on techno production and provide genre-defining cuts. But one stand-out element the electronic artist installs in his music is the melodic melodies rich with emotion that notably distinguish Kölsch’s sound.

Now returning for another installment on his BBC Radio 1 residency, Kölsch displays his attention to detail as he delivers two hours of the most inspiring music throughout his residency mix. Within the first eight minutes, the tone is set as the DJ kicks off with Superpitcher‘s ‘In My Head’ followed by Daphni‘s ‘Carry On’ and further mixed into by Burial’s third release of the year ‘Rodent’. And where there is an absence of the DJ’s iconic tracks such as the super successful ‘Grey’ or the recent ‘PUSH’, Kölsch makes up for it in tracks such as Kurprian‘s ‘Garma’ and ‘Scientists’ by English post-rock and electronic musician Four Tet. The DJ does turn to one of his own tracks in that of ‘Grå,’ a track from his most recently released album 1989, which completes the third and final chapter of his autobiographical trilogy. ‘Grå’ is a perfect demonstration of the emotion and journey-full sounds Kölsch echo’s within his music. 

Other notable mentions within his residency mix include ‘Each Moment Like The First’ by James Holden & The Animal SpiritsReal Blues’ (DJ Deep & Romain Poncet Remix) from St. Germain, and ‘Enjoy The Silence’ by Depeche ModeKölsch is set to play in the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Monday 16 October with his set to be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. That will be one stream worth checking in to.

Listen to Kölsch’s encapsulating BBC 1 Residency Mix below and find the full tracklist here.