Kygo – Kids In Love

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I think we can all agree that Kygo’s latest EP Stargazing was everything and more with the five tracks impressively highlighting the scintillating creative nature of Kygo. The Norwegian has a knack for producing melodic masterpiece’s that are filled with sensation and emotion, and not to mention the music video for his track Stargazing that really pulled on the heartstrings. Now, Kygo returns again with yet another masterpiece in that of ‘Kids In Love’.

Everything that Kygo gets his hands on is truly golden and ‘Kids In Love’ demonstrates just that. Piano riffs from the start draw you in with soothing vocals nestled on atop. Fluttery guitar flicks echo in the background but adhere to the soft character of the track. Swiftly the vocals and melodic piano pieces elevate producing an uplifting glow. And the chorus is where the magic really stands out as the drums, melody, and vocals combine and establish that Kygo production rich of emotion. ‘Kids In Love’ will be a chart-topper without a doubt.

The ‘It Aint Me‘ star has established himself to a chart renegade with the success of his music. His productions have amasses an ever-increasing following and likening and seen the artists reach flow around the world. Collaborations with the likes of Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding show why the music producer is in high demand.

Check out the outstanding ‘Kids In Love’ below.