Listen to Avicii’s second episode of Avicii FM (#002)

On Saturday September 2nd, Swedish EDM superstar Avicii surprised his fans – and critics – all over the world by launching his brand new radio show called Avicii FM. After retiring from touring a year and a half ago, Avicii FM #001 definitely proved to be another big step forward in 28-year old Tim Bergling‘s bid to successfully place himself back to the forefront of the EDM industry.

The installment of the radio show followed the release of his new 6-track EP earlier this summer, titled AVĪCI (01), which included collaborations with Rita Ora, Vargos & Lagola and Sandro Cavazzo, amongst others. During the first episode of his brand new radio show, Bergling played all of the 6 new tracks of AVĪCI (01) and he shed some light on his time-off off in Peru and The Amazon, which helped him find new inspiration. Numerous fans tuned in live on Facebook for the premiere of the Swede’s new adventure, which turned out to be a huge success going by the many positive comments of the listeners.

Last weekend it was time for Avicii to drop the second eagerly awaited episode of the show. This time the hour-long set didn’t include any of his own tracks, except for the opening tune: a remix of his banger with Sandro Cavazza “Without You” by Italian house duo Merk & Kremont. The highly energetic set also featured tracks from the likes of DJ Licious, Robin Aristo, Curbi X Mesto, EDX, and Oliver Heldens‘ alter ego HI-LO.

Contrary to the debut episode on September 2nd, there isn’t any storytelling or other type of anecdote by the man himself in Avicii FM #002; it simply consists of flawlessly mixed great music, guaranteed to keep fans on their toes in anticipation of episode number three!

Check out the second episode of Avicii’s radio show down below.