Up-and-coming producer Malifoo has just taken his talents to Armada Deep to unleash his latest masterpiece in the form of "Talkbox".

Malifoo – Talkbox

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Malifoo has just made his big splash in the electronic dance music scene with a brand new release on Armada Deep. The up-and-coming producer has recently dropped his beautiful deep house track titled “Talkbox“, which has already caught the attention of many fans across the globe.

The track is a stunning mix between its instrumentals and vocals, providing its listeners with an absolute treat from start to finish. The production opens up with a blend of striking guitar riffs and vibrant melodies alongside the catchy male vocals.

As “Talkbox” progresses, the first climatic sequence ensues and delivers its energy right to the audience. The track then brings another series of deep house brilliance all the way until the second drop concludes, which features a magical combination of pumping basslines and superb chords and plucks.

Overall, with its top-notch deep house sounds and production quality, “Talkbox” should be in the conversation for one of the year’s most incredible releases. Thus, Malifoo has successfully made his mark in the industry, especially with a single on Armada Deep already under his name.

With the release of “Talkbox”, which has earned support from the likes of Hardwell and Borgeous, Malifoo’s career should only ascend to entirely new heights and bring him closer to greater prominence as an artist.

Check out the full track below.