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Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix Show EP 7 showcases Martin Garrix, Dua Lipa and their Coachella performance

Martin Garrix‘ podcast run, which is adequately titled The Martin Garrix Show, has been quite a success and arguably been, like in the instance of most artists who have risen among the ranks in the past few years, influential and have helped in creating his image as a taste-maker. Along with the podcast, what also gradually took its shape – one year after the podcasts began – were the video series with the same name. Now some 3 years old, the latest episode features Garrix open about the technical aspects of the show at Coachella and his work with English singer and songwriter Dua Lipa.

The first half of the episode 7 makes us familiar with the team of people who work constantly to make Garrix’ performances a success. Garrix notes that when he first played Coachella around 3 years ago, it was with a team of 6 people. Today, he has seen this workforce increase to staggering 30 people who work on the visuals, sound management and overall setup of what happens behind the limelight – an aspect of his performances that has seen Garrix get involved of late. Its in the second half of the video that Garrix talks about Dua Lipa and its nothing but praises for her voice, her character and the joy of having her as a surprise performer at Coachella. Towards the end we see the Garrix’ Coachella show director Gabe Fraboni keep his head cool as problems pile up with the stage setup moments before the performance.

You can check out the full series here on Garrix’ official YouTube channel.

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