Martin Garrix releases another episode of ‘The Martin Garrix Show’

Superstar DJ Martin Garrix continues to shine as one of the most prominent figures in the electronic music industry, and remains one of the most well-respected talents in the scene. With success comes an army of fans, and the young Dutch superstar certainly has a monumental following from countries across the globe. ‘The Martin Garrix Show’ gives fans an insight into what goes on behind the scenes on tour, and the eighth episode has just been released.

The episode focuses on Martin Garrix’s performance at world-famous festival Coachella, which prides itself on inviting only the world’s most successful artists to perform. Through a series of awe-inspiring imagery, viewers are given a unique insight into the performance, both behind the scenes and from the perspective of fans attending the show.

Throughout the episode, Martin praises his team, and fans are reminded that behind his success is an army of creatives who help bring his performances to life. British vocalist Dua Lipa also features heavily in the episode, and we see her join Martin on stage as a guest. The whole episode serves as a reminder of the influence the Dutch producer has worldwide, and his ability to create an unbelievable crowd reaction wherever he goes.

Watch the full episode below.

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