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NBA Promo video features Steve Angello’s ‘Rejoice’

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The National Basketball Association just dropped a spine-tingling promotional video and it features Steve Angello’s phenomenal track ‘Rejoice‘. The Swedish Giant is currently crafting electronic music history after renovating his social media platforms and dropping a host of highly anticipated music through Genesis and Inferno. One of those tracks ‘Rejoice’ from the Genesis EP has certainly proved a masterpiece from Angello, knocking up over one million streams on Spotify and a firm favourite of the Angello following.

Likewise, the NBA certainly has an ear for the great track with the music production featuring in their promotional video. Fitting for the start of the NBA season, ‘Rejoice’ certainly stimulates the senses and inspires motivation. The two-minute-long promo video features some of the best players in the Basketball League staring you down before the thunderous vocals rip through the background. Snippets of action from the leagues previous season rekindle jaw-dropping memories and begin the hype around the new season to follow. After watching the video its easy to see why the NBA chose Steve Angello’s track for this electrifying production.

Steve’s ‘Rejoice’ is quite the journey in itself with the entire track lasting over seven minutes. The Genesis Ep also features ‘Breaking Kind’, another track full of the Angello quality we know and love. Watch the epic National Basketball Association promo video below and let us know in the comments what you think.