Odesza A Moment Apart Tour

Watch: ODESZA’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Some bands and dance acts don’t just impress with top-notch productions and great new music all the time, but also by simply blowing the audience away with live performances. ODESZA are no exception to that, as the American electro duo has a history of sold out shows that have received thumbs up from fans of all kinds of genres within the EDM industry. Last week, they added another impressive live show to their ongoing list of peak performances.

On October 26 ODESZA appeared on the American late-night TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! where Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight took to the stage to perform “Line Of Sight” and “Higher Ground”, tracks that are both featured on their brand new album ‘A Moment Apart’. ODESZA are currently on tour through the US and the stunning performance on ABC’s popular late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! was a nice extra treat for fans who have missed out on the ‘A Moment Apart’ tour so far.

The amazing vocals of Naomi Wild on “Higher Ground” were truly breathtaking as well, as Wild joined ODESZA on stage to perform a live version of the track. Both Kimmel and his audience witnessed an absolutely stunning debut performance of the band on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Fans who don’t have tickets yet to see ODESZA during their current US and Canadian tour should check out the full tour schedule right here and take a moment to sit down and watch what may be one of the most remarkable late-night TV live performances of 2017.

Check out both “Line Of Sight ft. WYNNE and “Higher Ground” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below.