Pioneer DJ release new DJ & production monitors

Pioneer DJ are undoubtedly atop of the DJ market. Their CDJ’s, mixers and speaker quality are second to none, and are used by many DJ’s across the globe. Now, a new range of speakers are here. The DM-40BT are getting an upgrade, adding Bluetooth wireless technology, thus enhancing the user’s overall experience. The announcement comes a month after the release of the XDJ-RX2 console.

The 2-way active speaker creates a versatile home set-up, producing a rich, balanced sound that is ideal for producing, DJing or simply enjoying music at home. In addition to this, a headphone output and volume knob, on the front panel gives users flexibility and control, while the RCA and stereo mini jack inputs on the back, allow easy connectivity from the speakers, to the DJ gear or production kit.

The Groove Technology inherited from Pioneer’s highly-reputed active monitor speakers, delivers a smooth bass response, while the DECO technology gives a wider sweet spot and allows clear audio quality and rich bass sound at the same time, despite the speakers’ compact desktop size. Meaning, the ever-lasting issue of frequency smearing is thus, no more.

The 4-inch active monitor speakers will be available in black and white from November 2017 at an SRP of US$199.00.

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