Selena Gomez X Marshmello – Wolves

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Having broken into both the mainstream and dance sphere with his upbeat, mysterious producer Marshmello recently revealed that he had been working with a number of household names, one of which was Selena Gomez. Having already teamed up with Kygo for ‘It Ain’t Me’, Selena continues to delve into the crossover worlds of radio-pop and dance music with this latest single ‘Wolves’. Undoubtedly one of the most popular producers in the U.S, the release of countless singles, headlining appearances, and a massive fan following means that there are no signs of him slowing down.

The song is carried beautifully by Gomez’ soothing yet inspiring vocals and smooth harmonies, which are underpinned nicely by Marshmello’s guitar rifts and chord progressions, which help push the song into a vibe of its own. When the drop hits, mello’s classic trap beat is unmistakable, with a hard hitting bass line adding energy at the climax.

Guaranteed to be flooding radio airwaves over the coming weeks and months, it is the latest hit to add to Marshmello’s ever growing arsenal of music. And although the rather daft artwork for this latest single has been attracting some attention online, the track speaks for itself. The good news for fans is that more new music is quickly incoming, as the masked producer also tweeted that his next single will be alongside rap trio Migos.

Check out the track in full below.