Steve Angello shares his inspiration and his views on the industry

As one of the most respected artists in the dance music industry, expectations are always high for Steve Angello’s releases. Having just dropped two brand new tracks from his upcoming album, the Swedish mastermind is consistently exceeding expectations, with the two tracks being well-received across the globe. Following the success of his brand new releases, he sat down with Billboard to give an insight on his inspiration and his views on the current state of the industry. Speaking about his creative process, he told Billboard:

“I think it’s important as an artist to just constantly beat yourself up. I know that sounds bizarre. I’ve done this for such a long time and just doing what everybody else does, just playing the safe card, it doesn’t always tickle me. It doesn’t excite me. It doesn’t make me want to go into the studio and create something. It doesn’t make me challenge myself. For me, it was like, I need to make the biggest challenge I can possibly find and then I’ll just fight with that.”

Following the success of his 2016 album ‘Wild Youth‘, Steve Angello began to question his next step, and found himself facing a decision on how to proceed.

 “It wasn’t that I was lost creatively, it was bigger than that. I’ve created music my whole life and I’m trying to cut through this noise all the time. I play the biggest shows in the world. I have the most success I could ever possibly have. What’s next for me in life? Is this it? Should I just go and milk it and just make as much money as I can? Do I see it as a business, or do I actually go back to find myself, to become this 15-year-old kid that I was once and just create music for the passion and love I have with music? Or do I keep chasing my tail, try to do the hits one after one, just keep on releasing singles and push to stream?”

During the interview, he also reveals his reasoning behind taking a step back from social media.

 “You’re on there every day, people telling you you’re amazing, they love you, and all of a suddenly you just completely pull the plug, it takes a lot, but at the same time, it’s worth it, because I don’t feel like doing what everyone else is doing. I look at music today differently. It’s played such a big part in my whole life, it’s not a business for me. I started making music when I was 12. It saved me from a lot of things.”

Speaking about his creative process, Steve Angello reveals his views on the current industry.

 “You’re supposed to create music that motivates people, inspires people and says something. The music I grew up on, whether it was hip-hop or punk, everything used to be a revolution. It was a form of speech where you would express yourself culturally and it could be so strong. I feel like dance music has completely lost that, in the beginning, we had house music and people used to do records that meant so much. I miss music to express. The only thing I hear now is people making records to make money, which… We could flip burgers, what’s the difference? And the problem is with a lot of artists, because it’s become the norm, so the fans take it for what it is, because that’s what they’re being told.”

Leaving with some final words of wisdom, he reminds us exactly why he remains one of the most inspiring figureheads in the industry.

“Once in a while, you got to speak up, it’s not only about trying to push that one record and having fun, playing Vegas every week. It’s about creating something. We’re musicians. We’re artists. We’re supposed to disrupt, we’re supposed to be disliked, we’re supposed to be loved. We’re just supposed to create. That’s what we should do.”

H/T: Billboard

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