WE THE SAVAGES unveil upcoming electro banger, “Mami”

Swiss producers WE THE SAVAGES have just made another huge splash with the release of their latest track titled “Mami“. Released on the independent Swiss label ETNA Recordings, this single presents some Latin-inspired sounds that are perfect for any club or festival environment.

Known for their heart-pumping and electrifying records, WE THE SAVAGES delivers the energy once again with their vibrant new tune “Mami”. The track impeccably blends together its superb guitar riffs and beat with the high-spirited Spanish vocals.

Followed by its catchy buildups, the climatic sequences also present some hard-hitting basslines and scintillating synths, which overall provide a unique experience for the listeners. With its fitting Latin flavor and top-notch production quality, “Mami” should undoubtedly place WE THE SAVAGES under the radar of many fans across the globe.

Since entering the electronic music scene, WE THE SAVAGES’ trajectory has only been upwards as a result of their tremendous work inside the studio and behind the DJ booth. The duo and their signature sound were first distinguished with their successful release “Indiass”, and to keep their momentum going, WE THE SAVAGES presented a couple of more gems.

The Swiss pair released a bootleg of Robin Schulz’s hit “OK” and an original production called “Roll N’ Rock”, which have been played and supported by the likes of David Guetta, Steve Aoki, and Timmy Trumpet. Now with “Mami” under their already impressive portfolio, WE THE SAVAGES’ success should only continue.

Pre-save the track here and check out the track’s teaser below: