Yotto releases his third masterful EP ‘North’

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It’s that time of year where energetic festival bangers slowly start to make way for warmer, more wintry vibes and sounds. The perfect time for Finnish deep house producer Yotto to drop his third ever EP called “North”, that has been released over the weekend on Above & Beyond‘s beloved deep house imprint Anjunadeep. “North – EP” is guaranteed to make fans long for some cozy winter snuggling near a crackling fireplace, as Yotto managed to create a brilliant mix of both darker and warmer sounds, all captured in one flawless adventure.

Yotto, or Otto Yliperttula, as the 31-year-old Finnish producer is called in daily life, opened up to Billboard about his impressive brand new EP:

“I wrote “North” last winter when I had a few days off touring and was able to come home and enjoy my sanctuary in the snow. I always felt like it conveyed some darkness with a warm sense of nostalgia. The track worked really well in my sets, and I decided to build a full EP around it. It’s all crafted during calm periods of time in the solitude of my studio at home, away from the road. The EP has a slightly broader palette than most of my previous releases and proceeds from cold and dramatic to warm and fuzzy.” 

The 5-track EP kicks off with the mysterious but melodic “Ghost Signal”, before the much deeper and darker “Off The Grid” takes listeners into the snowy Finnish forests, where alien-like sounds will make them grasp their blankets in search for coverage. The third (and title) track “North” is the absolute masterpiece of the journey, due to its bewildering melody and smooth synths, that seek – and find – balance between deep, dark and euphoric house. The tribal sounds in “Isolation” might seem somewhat out of place at first, but start to make sense once closing track “Edge of Affection” slowly guides listeners towards the end of an inspiring adventure.

“North – EP” definitely proves once again that Yotto is able to produce some fine experimental deep house music, making him one of the artists to watch for in 2018. Check out the full “North – EP” down below.