ZHU partners with Adidas for track debut “Waters of Monaco”

Electronic music producer and singer ZHU has debuted his brand new track through an ad campaign in partnership with Adidas China. The campaign sees the German multinational corporation launch there Adidas winter clothing line in China. And the brand has teamed up with the Chinese American artist for a collaboration that sees the debut of Zhu’s track ‘Waters of Monaco’.

The multi-instrumentalist has always been about making more than just music but producing art through the songs and the response. It has been this notion that has lead the artist to create his own distinct sound such as the hugely successful ‘Faded‘. Attention to detail is key when Zhu infuses a perfect balance of deep house and techno in his productions and ‘Waters of Monaco’ portrays just that. The elegantly soothing synths glide across a subtle beat with certain perfection as a low key vocal brings character to the track. ‘Waters of Monaco’ is truly fitting for the Adidas China winter launch as the clothing range features a mix of comfort and style.

Zhu’s track ‘Waters of Monaco’ is available in China however for everyone else, you can only hear it through the campaign ad. No doubt this will be a fan favourite when it gets a full release worldwide. Watch the campaign ad below and let us know what you think of the track in the comments.