ADE Gear Test Lab in review

As every year, Amsterdam Dance Event is a place to be for anyone involved in the music industry. This goes to engineers and manufacturers behind the gear, instruments and software as well. Already in an established partnership with De Brakke Grond venue, ADE Sound Lab 2017 also took place at the same venue. Gear Test Lab was once again as part of ADE’s Playground program. The Sound Lab was filled with some of the latest music technological advances and the leading innovative brands in terms of performance or production needs. If you are interested in gear and world of production, De Brakke Grond is a must during every ADE.

Starting with the British company Novation. Well known for their grid-based products and controllers from Launch’ series – namely Launchpad, Launchkey. This range of controllers continues to fundamentally shape the electronic music performance. Exclusively for those who are hardware-oriented, Novation has put together its new eight-voice polyphonic synthesiser ‘Peak’, the next-generation analogue synth ‘Circuit Mono Station’ and also the sequencer ‘Circuit’.

Moving on to the German leading manufacturer Native Instruments, the company with the innovative approach in three fields – Komplete, Traktor and Maschine. Traktor, introduced in 2011, is industry’s well known digital DJ software that comes with a hardware line of controllers. Komplete section offers one of the best digital instruments and effects. Moreover, the Maschine line is more for production and performance. Native Instruments brought all their hardware line with software into Gear Test Lab. We were able to test the brand new line of Komplete Kontrol MK2 and Maschine MK3 in perfect synchronization.

Further looking around, there was Ableton – the industry’s standard DAW. Gear Test Lab One room was a meeting-point and playground location for all the Ableton fans. They could meet and talk with Ableton crew and product specialist with a personal demo on their flagship hardware – Ableton Push. There is high anticipation for the announcement of the official Ableton Live 10 update.

Lastly, the show’s prime mover was Pioneer DJ. This Japanese corporation is, more or less, the number one in many fields. Moreso, when they take over the ADE Sound Lab with their own room full of their products. Pioneer DJ launched the brand new HDJ-X range of professional DJ headphones. There was also a chance to try out their brand new sampler in CDJ style called the DJS1000, for the first time in the public. Speaking about shows, Pioneer DJ was hosting a series of live sets by internationally renowned DJs and artists as part of their Live DJSounds.


Student of business university in relationship with music scene since early 2000s aka Sensation era. Digital djing nerd & developer.

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