Morning Moon-Tundran

Album Review: Tundran – Morning Moon EP

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Earlier this November, Swedish duo Tundran made a resurgence after almost a year of silence. The duo released a fresh, seven track EP titled ‘Morning Moon’. Tundran are no strangers to the Nu-disco scene – having already done a remix of dance icon Avicii‘s ‘Waiting for Love’ along with solo releases on Avicii’s PRMD imprint. And now they are back to showcase both, their versatility as producers and exactly what the “Tundran” sound encompasses.

Kicking off with ‘All the Love’, we dive right into a warm, nostalgic mix of heartfelt vocals, retro synths, and smooth drum hits. The mellow vibes continue right into the next track titled ‘Faded’. Dreamy plucks set the mood and provide the basis for what is a supremely dance-able and groovy track. The melodic guitar riffs following the break compliment the atmospheric pads and pave the way for the rest of the track to float right back in – a facet of their sound that stands out. Another element of the EP are the two short instrumentals titled “[] [] [] [] [] [] [] #1” and “[] [] [] [] [] [] [] #2” that allow the listener to unwind and relax throughout the rest of the EP – essentially, interludes for the album.

Halfway through we hit ‘Every Wave’, which is reminiscent of earlier creations ‘Kimono’ and ‘Still Afraid’. A throwback track full of long, drawn-out vocals, evolving pads, and a peaceful guitar breakdown that hits the spot. ‘Your Name’ is the last upbeat, pop-infused installment to the EP characterized by rolling arpeggios and a strong bass line. Wrapping it up is “Bloody Palms”, a melancholic piano ballad with a funky spin.

Be sure to check out the EP below.