Alex Luciano & Daniville feat. Karra – Would You Lie

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A soothing, tropical melody set at 120BPM, ‘Would You Lie‘ is a brand-new feel-good melodic production from highly-rated producers Alex Luciano and Daniville. A wistful house production which takes us back to those sunset summer nights, the release features the emotive vocals of Karra, with famous Dutch producer Maarten Vorwerk also lending his hand to the production.

Known for his book of production tips, and long career as a producer for some of EDM’s biggest names, Maarten teams up with Daniville and Alex Luciano on the vibrant release, which starts with a downtempo intro, slowly building into a more bass-clad melody which thumps through the heart of the track, with the Dutchman adding:

“Danilo & Alex, two local artists came to me in the studio with a track they made. I heard great potential in it and decided to help them out with the production. Danilo, Alex Luciano and Karra really deserve the credit for this one! I really love what the track has become. And it has that perfect Aruba beach vibe to it.”

With an accompanying video of all those summer vibes we long for a return to on these cold winter nights, the use of modern technology was utilised throughout the release, with the beach-based video all shot by drone. You can check out the video, and track, below, and let us know your thoughts on this warm and fuzzy tropical production in the comments!

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