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Alexis Troy drops his impressive Dread Tape

Praised on numerous occasions for his future-hip hop and cinematic instrumentals, Dusseldorf-based music producer Alexis Troy returns to his music with a redefining future R&B mashup. The ‘Dread Tape‘ can only be described as a paragon of music, infinitely beautiful in its varying sophistication. Taking influence from a wide range of artists, Alexis combines an array of different genres into his productions.

Re-arranging vocal materials, re-edits of acapellas and chops reinterpret the meaning of the original which for Alexis Troy results in the ‘Dread Tape’. With its varporwave counterpart, the stunningly produced R&B mashup and its future beats tease Alexis’ upcoming Dread EP. The mashup can be dismantled into a 13-part tracklist with varying track names such as ‘Chrono’, ‘Rouge’, or ‘White Elephant’. German-born Alexis uses vocal materials including an edit of Nik Kershaw‘s – ‘The Riddle’ and ‘Low Life’ by American rapper Future which also features Canadian sensation The Weeknd.

Alexis Troy reflects on the ‘Dread Tape’ saying:

“The Dread Tape is acoustically and visually a culmination of a lot of stuff that inspired me and probably damaged me in my younger years. When you’re a kid you consume sound and moving images way more unfiltered than later on, when you have created your own aesthetic and feel strengthened in it. Some stuff that you see or hear stays with you even if you didn’t like like it at the time.

The beauty of trash is something that you need distance for to fully appreciate I guess. I don’t think that I realised the level of trashiness some of my favourite series and movies had in the 90s.

Back then it was just the way things were made to be commercially successful. That goes with a lot of music at the time as well. Everything was overacted and overdrawn which ultimately resulted in it being fake. There is a lot of art still produced that way but it’s more conscious about it. I like everything that is distorted or damaged in some way. Everyone will interpret different things into it or maybe find absolutely nothing because it’s too abstract.”

Fittingly, Alexis Troy has teamed up with German-based art collective Kotburschi Kollektiv to produce a visually impeccable video to accompany the artist’s mashup. Compelling imagery and powerful colours drive this absorbing piece of work and its almost mesmeric tone. Alexis Troy’s musical mastery continues to be used in soundtracks, advertisements and high profile campaigns including work with multinational corporation Adidas.

Watch the ‘Dread Tape’ below and check out more of Alexis Troy’s work here.