Home Uncategorized ANTS colonize The Warehouse Project in jaw-dropping fashion
Just like their associated animal

ANTS colonize The Warehouse Project in jaw-dropping fashion

Home Uncategorized ANTS colonize The Warehouse Project in jaw-dropping fashion

Just like their associated animal counter-part, UNITED ANTS have colonized landmass where the far reaches of their landmark brand dare to endeavor as hoards of the faithful ant colony pursue in tow. An aesthetic that allures with temptation and a soundtrack curated by the finest names in techno and house music both command admiration for their meteoric accomplishments to music. Yet regarded as an elite symbol for all things underground their synonymous antics for perpetual partying continue to reshape the boundaries of production.

Like an entwined Romeo and Juliet, The Warehouse Project, a venue famed for its illustrious partying calendar within the depths of an underground car park, fittingly welcomed the adept taste-makers for an all out Halloween celebration. The hallowed walls of Store street submitted to the playground of ANTS and their flourishing nest assembled throughout the burrowed darkness where the colony thrives.

But expectation runs impeccably high for those willing to conquer the spiritual home of Manchester’s notorious Warehouse Project which over the years has welcomed music pioneers to its divine setting. Many have navigated the Warehouse waters and triumphed such as esteemed labels Circus and Paradise. Artists Above & Beyond in the past have bought Store Street to a trance, as to the legendary Carl Cox reigned supreme.

ANTSHowever this night was made for the underground music architects as their Halloween takeover sold-out the warehouse to the fervent crowds all ready to channel their inner-ant. Gearing up for the Saturday evening, ANTS imported an arsenal of artists ready to discharge at their disposal and orchestrate the festive proceedings.

Cue Paul Kalkbrenner, curator of ‘Sky and Sand‘, an ode to electronic music and arguably one of Berlin’s finest musical exports. There is no beating round the bush with Paul who stepped out and delivered a performance beyond the passion of music itself. The German live act needs no introduction. Nor does he need to feature in DJ Mags Top 1oo, for Kalkbrenner sells out main-stages and pulls in mega crowds such as his performance during this years Tomorrowland. It was this act the left Store Street surrendered to the techno wizardry.

On the imperial event, special guests Groove Armada who embody chart success empowered the spirited crowd gaining the monumental affection the English artists have obtained over the years. It would be inevitable that the Warehouse Project broke metaphorical sound barriers while ‘Superstylin‘ ricocheted around the venue and the frenzied waters of the Warehouse trembled once again.

ANTSSpare some time to understand your surroundings when attending such a coveted event such as The Warehouse Project. For it is where the minds behind the production values bring such an event to life. It would be careless to write off the thought process of those obtaining a correct state of atmosphere which is more than often done behind the scenes. The prolific brand has become identifiable for favoring the gloomy essence and tangled productions which visually echo wherever ANTS spread to.

Over the last two years WaFF has become an emerging artists across the international scene and it is easy to see why the man is so gifted. Positioned with a set in the latter stages of the night, and those who dare to revel through to the early morning, glimpsed upon the star’s ability to spread such dominance. Having followed on after Rowan Tyler Jones, known to most as Route 94, WaFF would not hang about, as revelers were left reeling from the sounds of Route 94’s ‘House & Pressure‘.

ANTSAndrea Oliva, an ANTS head-honcho has much been a part of the colony since receiving regular headliner slots. There is no denying that the firm favorite dazzles each performance, be it at London’s Brixton O2 Academy or the open top super-club Ushuaïa. Wherever Andrea goes, he delivers the underlying music code of ANTS and it was no different during early Sunday morning as the established international headliner provided The Warehouse project with a fitting closing set.

Two outcomes followed the nights proceedings in its infinite glory. The Ibiza residents had yet again provided a spell-binding show that encapsulated the brands spirit, but more over left their every growing ‘ants army’ musically satisfied. With their consistent capability of putting on the greatest shows for its faithful following, the adventure that ANTS pursue continues to embark on its ever evolving journey as a pinnacle electronic music brand.

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