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Steve Aoki set for Backstreet Boys collaboration

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Steve Aoki has had a certifiably 90’s throwback week recently, with his surprise Celine Dion performance, and now the possibility of working with the Backstreet Boys. The boy band of all boy bands dropped by Aoki’s mansion in Las Vegas, aptly named Aoki’s Playhouse.

In one snap, the DJ and the singers are seen jumping into a massive foam pit and in another, the group poses alongside a rare Banksy art piece. If anything, the social media pics show money can buy the rich and famous a lot of fun toys. Steve has a state-of-the-art home studio built into his mansion, prompting the speculation of whether there will be a Backstreet Boys and Steve Aoki collaboration. The group is working on a new album and rumors online have included Diplo and The Chainsmokers as possible producers on the yet to be released project.

In another video Steve posted, the group is seen touring the mansion and wind up in the studio, having a discussion about a track. It’s likely that is the single Aoki is producing, as the entire event seems staged, complete with a photographer to document the get-together.

The Backstreet Boys were one of the top boy bands of the 1990s and cemented their place in pop culture. Although subsequent ventures have not been as successful, perhaps embracing EDM’s ambassadors to pop music will fresh listener’s memory.

Check out the tweets below: