Avicii’s ‘True Stories’ documentary set to be released on Netflix

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With Avicii’s much publicised decision to end his live performance resulting in the startling documentary that highlights the less than glamorous side of touring, it seems that Tim’s story is now ready to be released to the masses. Depicting his rise and eventual downfall as an artist trying to push himself to his extreme limit, the premiere of his ‘True Stories‘ documentary was screened two weeks ago at Amsterdam Dance Event, where the one-night-only documentary was also seen by fans across chosen cinemas around the world.

Many fans who were not able to view the highly anticipated film have been hoping for an online release, and Avicii recently revealed that their wish will be coming true. In a recent interview in the build up to the cinema premiere, Avicii shared his own thoughts on the documentary, and explained the plan for its release:

“I’m releasing my documentary this weekend. Levan [Tsikurishvili] who is the director of the documentary has followed me for the past four years I think, four or five years, and he’s had so much material from both in the studio, from behind the scenes on concerts during good and bad times. I’m really excited. I’m also a bit nervous because it is kind of gritty sometimes. It is very personal. Theres a lot of ups and downs. It’s going to be interesting what people say. I think it’s going to be in a bunch of movie theatres. Also, on Netflix after that.”

Whilst Netflix have not confirmed an official release date, it will surely be in the near future given the resoundingly successful reviews of the theatre premiere.