German producers Axwanging and Roone sign with Hardwell's record label Revealed Recordings to release their latest single "Vertigo".

Axwanging & Roone – Vertigo

Up-and-coming powerhouse Axwanging has signed a colossal deal with Revealed Recordings to release his newest single called “Vertigo” alongside fellow German producer Roone.

With its combination of vibrant melodies and striking vocals, this track is an absolute treat to hear right from the get-go. Following its intensifying buildups, the climatic sequences deliver a massive surge of energy through their heavy synths and heart-pumping basslines.

Overall, “Vertigo” takes its audience through a roller-coaster ride with its impressive progressive house elements and high production quality, making it a must-listen record for any dance music fan.

As one of the most promising talents in the industry today, Axwanging has continuously proven himself worthy of the spotlight with an array of remarkable productions under his name. From “Diamonds” to “Addicted to Love”, this German talent has had a spectacular 2017 campaign thus far and his future is only looking bright especially with the recent release of “Vertigo” on Revealed Recordings.

Similarly, Roone has shown his musical prowess through his previous records such as “Boundless” with Third Dimension and “Utopia”. With his latest single with Axwanging bound to be yet another successful release, Roone’s career should continue to ascend and his name should only gain more prominence around the world.

“Vertigo” is out now for a free download on Revealed Recordings.