BubbelTea‏ – Rollercoaster Feat. Sandra Bullet

Relatively new to the dance music scene itself, rising artist Bubbeltea‏- who defines himself as the “Brother of Slushii, Lovechild of Marshmello” – has shown a willing determination to break boundaries with his sound while still drawing from his global icons. Following suit with the sound of Slushii and Marshmello, Bubbeltea showcases an adeptness for the Future House genre. And to showcase this liking for the genre, the producer is heading out with his first record titled ‘Rollercoaster’ featuring singer/songwriter Sandra Bullet.

A minimalist production, so to speak, ‘Rollercoaster’ first benefits from a strong foundation laid by the synth-laced sound and style of production from Bubbeltea‏. It is then further added to by the pitch-perfect vocal shift from Sandra Bullet. Working in tandem, the two provide a seamless product and one that shows Bubbeltea‏’s ability to work well with a vocal partner for a start. Aside from this ability off the production desk, his attention to detail and an uncanny preference for a steady flow of melody leaves the listener engaged. All in all, ‘Rollercoaster’ is a well-rounded debut track that sets the tone for a bright future for the assuredly promising producer.

Listen to the track on Spotify’s stream below:

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