Carl Cox

Carl Cox explains his DJ set-up and mixing techniques in demo video

In the latest edition of PLAYdifferently‘s ‘How I Play’ series, the legendary Carl Cox reveals his current DJ set-up, explaining how his multiple-deck set-up works, his filtering techniques, use of FX and how he really uses the PLAYdifferently MODEL 1 like an instrument.

At almost 10 minutes long, the video gives a clear demonstration of exactly how the British DJ works behind the decks. Discussing everything from manipulating frequencies, to beatmatching, to creating an energetic vibe and unforgettable moments through his mixing abilities, he explains how the MODEL 1 mixer has revolutionized his live sets:

Now that I have been working with the MODEL 1 mixer for over a year, I feel now it’s a part of my equipment family. It’s like having a favourite car I drive every day, the power and energy that I get from using this mixer is like no other experience that I get from using anything else, it feels like I have one arm tied behind my back if I do not get to use it. Being able to pin point the frequencies through the filter channels is the very key to this mixer. I have never used anything like it, to be able to make your mixes, when you play live, sound even bigger. It makes me want to give my audience the very best in audible sound.

Check out the full video featuring Carl Cox below.