deadmau5 reveals frustration with writing music

Over the years deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, has blessed electronic music with some of the greatest songs to have ever existed, ‘Strobe‘ is a classic example. And while much of his spectacular work contains complex pieces that no doubt take plenty of time to curate, deadmau5 is known to be a technically accomplished heavyweight in the music field.

Most recently, the Canadian record producer reminded us of his human side as the DJ admits to finding himself frustrated when writing music. During his online masterclass, deadmau5 can be seen working away before frustration hits him during the process. However, Joel keeps a calm head as he hilariously says he’s “sucking at music”. He later admits its funny that he is over complicating things as opposed to writing a simple tune. Never the less it can be assured that these over complicated processes lead to the outstanding tracks the DJ produces.

deadmua5 fans can celebrate a little as it looks like deadmau5 is working on some new stuff and finishing the music for his upcoming and hugely anticipated new album that’s going to drop spring next year. Check out deadmau5 in his studio below and watch the juggernaut DJ become frustrated when producing his music.