It is now possible to DJ in virtual reality with the new Vinyl Reality app

German tech development company EntroPi has released an app called Vinyl Reality which harnesses virtual reality technology to allow users to mix vinyl records from their smartphone. The product recreates in detail a vinyl deck, including two turntables, a mixer, and more. Next to the DJ set up is a vinyl record crate which will allow users to sift through albums to select ones to mix. The app even allows users to broadcast their mixing talents with audio output for live streams and even has the ability to save mixes as a .wav file.

The official website describes the product as such:

Vinyl Reality is the first DJ mixing application that accurately recreates a traditional DJ setup in virtual reality. Whether you’re a professional DJ, or a beginner interested in learning, Vinyl Reality gives you all the tools you need to play an amazing DJ set in virtual reality!

The video teaser demonstrates the incredible detail that app developers have put into the game, including the ability to mix, alter, and change tracks as if behind an actual turntable. Now every wannabe or would-be superstar DJ can be just that by simply using their smartphone and a VR-headset.

Check out the Vinyl Reality trailer below.