Dr. Shiver & David Allen open up about “Wusu” and Art&Music Recording

Steadily gaining traction in the constantly growing world of Dance music, Bruno Carlo Oggioni, better known as Dr. Shiver, has been gathering followers and admirers for his work as an artist, as a performer and also as the head-honcho of Art&Music Recording. Having already given performances at Tomorrowland 2017 and released the label’s Miami 2017 Compilation, the Italian DJ and producer is on the look out to expand his brand in what is looking to be a promising 2018.

A pioneer in terms of entertaining new talents at his label, Dr. Shiver’s latest addition to the Art&Music Recording roster has been the talented producer David Allen – the youngest artist on the Italian record label. Collaborating on their track ‘Wusu,’ the master and the apprentice have shown an testamentary adeptness behind the production desk. Allen has also taken to the environment at the label headquarters and is highly touted by the label to succeed in the world of dance music.

In the context of their track’s release, we sat down with both, Dr. Shiver and David Allen, for a regular question and answers session. Here, the two artist talk about the collaborative process behind their track ‘Wusu,’ the support for the release, Dr. Shiver’s previous collaborations, performances and what are the plans for the coming future.

Dr. Shiver, David – Congratulations on the new release “Wusu“! How did the two of you decide to work together and what were some of your experiences throughout the process?

Dr. Shiver: I’ve know David for a very long time now. I still remember when 3 years ago he sent me a demo for my own imprint Art&Music. The track really needed some fixes but I immediately heard that this guy had a really nice potential so I decided to give him a chance: never took a better decision. Today David is working non stop in our studio growing day by day and becoming a fundamental element of our family. He is humble and devoted to work, qualities that are awarding him with huge results and top quality music. When he played me ‘Wusu’ the first time (it was still a draft) I really thought “damn it, we gotta make this together”. So I started to work together with him developing melodies, chord progression and part of the sound design.

David Allen: We always like to work as a team, exchange of ideas, project, tips. Always trying to bring our tracks to the next level. This time I came up with the draft idea of Wusu, then I played it to Dr. Shiver and he thought “Let’s make it as a collaboration” and we started exchanging ideas and projects, adding different layers, melodies, chord progression, effects. After a long process of back and forth the track was basically done and I can say we enjoyed a lot working on it.



Dr. Shiver, David – Speaking of your latest collaboration, it has received major support from the likes of David Guetta, Nicky Romero and Afrojack to name a few. Are you satisfied with the results so far? Also, do you have a follow-up in the pipeline?

Dr. Shiver: well, when you see that your tracks are receiving constant supports from huge deejays you can only be happy and think “we are on the right path”. I can already tell you from now that we have another collab ready which is even stronger than Wusu, so, stay tuned!

David Allen: I have a fun fact to tell you, every time I check the new supports I’m always there like waiting for something big to happen, and every time I see a new name on top of the list it’s always party time!

David, Your track “Kubera” was a massive success and also featured at Tomorrowland 2017 aftermovie which is a major achievement. How did that make you feel? Tell us 2 major goals you’d like to achieve in the coming years and why.

I was super happy and satisfied about it, I would have never thought I’d get there so fast and I’m really proud of it, I still remember when I got the confirmation for this and I was jumping in the room like a kid. My first goal for the next year is to be part of something even bigger, to bring Art&Music and all the family to the next level. The second one is to keep on releasing good music and get booked on Big Festivals to start playing in front of even bigger crowds than the ones I usually do now.

David, what is the importance of being in such an impressive studio as Art&Music’s as an aspiring producer? What are the benefits you have as an artist having all that equipment lined up for your needs?

Art&Music became part of my life very early. I was 15 years old, now 3 years are gone by and I clearly see the growth in my music knowledge from arrangements to mix&master skills. I’ve been lucky to have this big structure behind myself and this huge team always there to help me improve myself. All this equipment is very useful, not everyone is so lucky to have all these facilities on his side. I’m so happy to be part of this family, work as a team, share ideas all the time, and exchange my opinion with everyone else.

Dr. Shiver, In our previous interview we’ve talked a bit about Art&Music Recording’s plans and today we can see how the label acts a hub of talented artists. Could you share with us the vision of the label from your perspective? As the head-honcho of a label, can you explain the importance of embracing new producers and giving space to new talents?

I have always seen Art&Music as an hub for talented producers. Here we are really trying to do what record labels used to do a long time a go: if you are talented enough, but maybe you do not have all the technologies or the skills to bring your tracks to the next level yet, we are here to support you with our studio and team. The upcoming year will be full of huge news: we already have tons of super high quality releases planned, collaborations with great artists, some nice Art&Music events and much more.

Dr. Shiver, Take us back to your latest track on Protocol Recordings. Can you talk a little about your vision for “Something” with Kazi and the direction you wanted to take with that track?

Something is a track which makes me particularly proud: it combines all of my roots. As you might know I am born as a pianist and, as a musician I have always played blues, funk, gospel, soul, jazz. This track is really fusing with my inner soul: it is funky in the drop and rich of nice melodies and progressions in the break. The sound design also expresses my identity as a producer and as a sound engineer: it’s a real mixture of concretes and unplugged elements with some very electro ones. There is also something very big coming up about this track: we are going to announce soon an unplugged version I have made with a full 14 musicians band but I am sure we will have some other occasion to talk in detail about it.



Dr. Shiver, Speaking of Protocol, we’ve seen that you’ve performed at their ADE event and also made a masterclass on your latest release. How did the event go? Also, how is it to be part of the Protocol Family?

I am very happy about that gig. First being on stage with Nicky presenting the track live and then doing my own set was real fun and a huge honor. I am truly satisfied of being a part of the Protocol family: these guys really know how to work, how to encourage their artists and how to give them the right visibility and attention.

Dr. Shiver, David – What are the next plans for the coming winter? What more can we expect to hear from you guys in terms of music this year? Any exciting collaborations, tours, etc you guys look forward to?

Dr. Shiver: there are tons of things cooking at the moment. I have several dope collaborations ready to be released. One is with my brother John Christian for example. I can also tell you to expect something for the Miami week…. If you wanna know more, you better stay tuned on my socials!

David Allen: I’ve some singles ready and a new collaborations with Dr. Shiver himself. They will be released soon and some very exciting news are coming up around March/July. Also at Art&Music something really big is cooking for these upcoming months, but I can’t tell you more about it. If you want to be part of this journey keep an eye on my socials.

Their latest collaboration ‘Wusu’ is a available here.

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