KSHMR uploads ‘Lessons Of KSHMR’ Vol. 2

KSHMR and Splice have once again teamed up to deliver ‘Lessons Of KSHMR‘ Vol. 2. This time, the ‘Jammu‘ writer has gone all out for his beloved producer fans, delivering 8 brand new lessons, doubling the 4 videos he provided the first time around.

In Niles’ brand new tutorial series, he covers music theory, creating symphonies, reverb tips, mixing vocals, snare mixing tips and working with ethnic and orchestral instruments; a notable element the Indo-American producer, has heavily incorporated into his recent productions.

In addition to his new YouTube masterclass, KSHMR recently held a masterclass, while on his tour of India, which saw him visit notable cities including Chennai and Mumbai. However, it is just one of many masterclasses he has put on for his adoring fans.

At the Propellerhead Producers Conference in L.A back in 2014, KSHMR (who then made up one half of The Cataracs) explained his production process behind the highly successful track, ‘Like A G6‘. He revealed that the song’s main bass melody was, in fact, an accident. He goes on to explain that the melody was intended to have a “bell” sound but unintentionally ended up with the bass synth that fans know and love today.

Check out the playlist below, featuring all 12 lessons from KSHMR.

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