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Kygo opens up about inspirations for latest ‘Kids In Love’ album

As is often the case with artists of his stature, Kygo has gone on record to talk about the inspirations for his upcoming album. The talented Norwegian producer has already made quite a mark with his output and shows and is on the lookout to increase his global influence through the release of his sophomore album ‘Kids In Love‘. But aside from the aspects of reach, marketing and artist image, it is ultimately a music album – which Kygo’s comments of it being “fun challenge to make a full album of tracks that make sense together, as well as on their own,” suggest a greater meaning to him.

Talking about the artists who inspired him to come up with the album’s various facets, the Norwegian DJ names Michael Jackson‘s ‘Thriller’, Foo Fighters‘ ‘The Color and The Shape’, Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ ‘Californication’, Bon Iver‘s ’22, A Million’ and fellow countryman and iconic producer Avicii‘s ‘Seek Bromance’ as the guides which guided him in his ways of production. Giving an assortment of reasons for each’s impression on his production outlook, Kygo does not shy away in claiming that he has taken creative ideas and perspectives from the above. Not essentially a classic case of standing on the shoulder of giants, it does say something of Kygo following the greats of yesteryear to carve out his own career.

Source: Billboard’s Interview

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