Lazy Rich to retire at end of year

Legendary English DJ Lazy Rich (a.k.a Richard Billis) has announced his official retirement from DJing. The Big Fish Recordings front-man said in a tweet that his retirement will be effective immediately after the new year.

“Going to officially retire at the end of the year. If anyone wants to book my last ever gig I’m available for NYE :-)”

The music producer who released notable tracks such as ‘Bonk‘, ‘Brainfreeze‘, ‘Insomnia‘ and ‘Dance To The Beat‘ will be deeply missed by both fans and artists alike.

Despite the fact that “gigs just dried up” Lazy Rich won’t be out of work. As well as needing to devote time to his loving family, the DJ, who currently resides in Vancouver, Canada is also a co-founder of Big Fish Recordings, CEO of Label Engine, and CTO of Create Music.

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