Loud Luxury feat. brando – Body

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Burgeoning producer duo Loud Luxury spans the dance music spectrum with their bubbling catalogue, which ranges from feel-good tunes to buzzing house and deep house pieces. Embracing their project’s fierce DIY-approach, Loud Luxury has put up a brand new original titled “Body” alongside brando on Armada Music, that represents the artists’ aesthetic with a boisterous new party-starter.

Introduced with brando’s on-point vocals, the track quickly evolves into an uplifting melodic house tune before transforming into a rhythmic dancefloor killer. Carried by majestic riffs and tight bassline flurries, “Body” is a divine feel-good hybrid that requires a healthy measure of dance floor elbow room. With high-profile exposure from Armada as well as several other successful releases in their repertoire, Loud Luxury is bound to have a breakout year.

Mixing and mashing their own styles, the duo hits the nail right on the head with this powerful and nostalgic work on the drop, with the attention-grabbing melody, which sticks out of all, leaving the listener wanting for more of it. While still on the rise, it wouldn’t surprise if this track would be heard throughout the rest of the year. Cutting ahead of their handful of accomplished singles to date, “Body” raises the bar for Loud Luxury’s polished sound to take centre stage come 2018, again.


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