Martin Garrix previews collab with David Guetta on Instagram

Having just been crowned the number 1 DJ in the world for a second year running, it seems that new Martin Garrix music is imminent, as he teases footage from his studio finishing up his collaboration with David Guetta. Having already premiered what seemingly must have been an unfinished version of the track for the first time during Garrix’s closing main stage set at Tomorrowland, it is rumoured to be called ‘So Far Away’, and follows in the same light as ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ and ‘In The Name of Love’ as the youngster continues to explore the dance/pop crossover.

Although a high quality version has not surfaced online, ‘So Far Away’ features both male and female vocals, with Ellie Goulding believed to be one of the artists behind the mic. With similar teasers from Garrix usually meaning the previewed track is set to be released within the next few weeks, we can only hope that this is also the case this latest single. Guaranteed to be flooding the radio airwaves upon its official arrival, the collaboration is obviously touted to make it big on the charts as well as playlists and live shows around the world.

Check out his Instagram story from earlier today.