MK – 17 (Tchami Remix)

French Future House pioneer Tchami has had nothing short of an incredible year. As well as releasing his ‘Revelations EP‘, plus notably captivating tracks such as ‘Adieu‘ and ‘World To Me‘ with Luke James, Tchami has teamed up with fellow Parisian, Malaa, for a hot string of releases. Now, Tchami has blessed fans with a tantalizing remix of MK‘s infectious House/Disco anthem ‘17‘.

The pop-infused vocal, in conjunction with Tchami’s sheer, dark, heavy bass synths, prove to be an unlikely yet compelling match. Tchami also makes great use of combining the happy, upbeat piano riff, with his signature evil, cynical bass house sounds to create a truly unique listening experience, leaving listeners very much intrigued; a true testament to the Frenchman’s incredible musical talent.

While it’s evident that Future House and House/Disco work well together,  Future House and G-House are a match made in heaven. This became very well known when Tchami and Malaa teamed up to release ‘The Prophecy‘ last year. Fast forward 12 months and the duo have released another two tracks together, including ‘Summer 99‘ and ‘The Sermon‘. The duo also announced a tour together, The No Redemption Tour, which will see the Frenchmen touch down in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Las Vegas. At this rate, Tchami’s showing no signs of slowing down!

Listen to Tchami’s remix of MK’s ’17’ below.

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