Phillip Talieh

Phillip Talieh – Waltz This

California native Phillip Talieh is back with another club banger to continue his rise to greater prominence. The up-and-coming producer and DJ has just released his formidable new single called “Waltz This” which is set to take over any music venue in the near future.

The track opens up with a more mellow progression topped with catchy beats and vocal chops. The intensity soon ramps up toward the monstrous drop filled with trap beats and heavy synths. Another buildup follows and transitions into the concluding sequence that overwhelms the listeners with its high-octane energy and heart-pumping sounds.

If there is currently a name worth paying attention to, it would be Phillip Talieh. A graduate from Arizona State University, this promising and young DJ has successfully secured gigs at clubs such as The Mint, Electric Ballroom, and the Cake Night Club. Additionally, he has opened up for the likes of The Chainsmokers, Borgore, and Party Favor.

As a producer, Talieh’s talents have also come to show especially with the release of his impressive record titled “Booth Talk” featuring Dani King. The track received a vast amount of support, which evidently gave this rising talent the momentum he needs in his career. Now with the release of “Waltz This”, Talieh should only earn the bigger spotlight he rightfully deserve.

Check out the full track below.