Porter Robinson announces ‘Worlds 2’ album

Three years after Porter Robinson‘s debut studio album ‘Worlds‘, finally comes the follow-up album ‘Worlds 2‘. The announcement was made via a satirical tweet from Robinson’s Twitter account, where he claims that the album’s release would come in the year 3044. While the tweet is obviously satirical, fans are eagerly hoping for songs just as good as, if not, better than, Sad Machine.

After announcing his new project, Virtual Self, a great deal of anger and criticism followed, hence the tweet inserted below. Much like most famous musicians, Porter faces pushback from fans, who yearn for him to bring back the sound, that initially gave him his fame. Twitter user @Globalob even claimed that the new content posted on the Virtual Self twitter page was “too pretentious”. Similar themes of dissatisfaction were expressed throughout the thread on Twitter by other users. However, Porter, like most famous musicians, continually remains unfazed by the inundating criticism that floods his Twitter feed and continues to produce music, that fans love and adore.

Despite the negative response from fans, Porter persistently diversifies his music and alters the landscape of his sound, to continually expand his music and himself.  Robinson, who initially started out with Electro-House tunes such as ‘Say My Name‘, eventually morphed his sound, into what would become his inaugural album ‘Worlds’; perfectly depicting his ever-expanding catalogue of releases.

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