Exclusive Interview: Sam Feldt discusses new Sunset album

Having burst onto the scene with his unique blend of tropical house productions, Dutch producer Sam Feldt has carved a reputation as one of EDM’s most in-demand names, playing at various festivals all across the world, and releasing an irresistible stream of melodic productions.

Just weeks after releasing his highly acclaimed debut studio album ‘Sunrise’, Sam has now surprised his avid ‘Heartfeldt’ fans with the release of brand-new album ‘Sunset’, forming a full 24 tracks across the two releases. The album, which sees Sam team up with a number of famous faces, including Shaggy and Sam Martin, was one of the main things we were keen to chat to Sam Feldt about, having previously caught up with the Dutchman at Ministry of Sound earlier this year. 

Sam! You’ve had such an amazing 2017, talk to us about some of the highlights of your year since we last spoke to you at Ministry!

“Woah, where to start?! Ultra Main Stage, my own Heartfeldt pool parties all across the globe, expanding the live band with a guitarist, releasing my debut album… so much has happened over the past year! I can’t wait for 2018!”

Let’s discuss the double album, ‘Sunrise to Sunset’… how long did it take to produce?

“It’s been in the works for more than 2 years. As a producer, you can only release a single every 3 months or so, to give it the time and space it needs to grow. I was making a lot more music than just a track every 3 months so there was a lot of good music lying on the shelves. I thought it was time to give that back to my fans.”

What was the idea behind the two albums, and this concept of sunrise, and then sunset?

“The albums contain 24 tracks in total, resembling the amount of hours in a day. The idea behind Sunrise To Sunset is the fact that Sam Feldt music can be enjoyed any time of day – and there’s a track for every hour of the day to support it. I’m 24 years old myself and we’re releasing the album on the 24th of November, so a lot of numerology is involved.”

Your track ‘Fade Away’ from the Sunrise album has been doing incredibly well, and you also teamed up with Akon on ‘Yes’ from the Sunrise album… do you have a personal favorite track from that album?

“That has to be Sensational, a track I made together with my live band. When we play it live, the energy is just insane.”

You collaborate with Shaggy on ‘Don’t Say A Word’ from the new Sunset album, how did that collaboration first come about? Had you ever met each other before working on this track?

“We met over dinner in Miami around a year ago. We connected really well immediately and found out we were both making music with a similar vibe. Both Shaggy and my own music is very summery and melodic. Shortly after we went into the studio together and the idea for the track was born!”

The ‘Sunset album also sees you working with Sam Martin who has provided vocals on many dance music tracks before. What was it about him that impressed you?

“I’ve been a fan of Sam’s voice ever since he released Dangerous with David Guetta. His voice is very unique and distinct and I think it fits perfectly on Carry Me Home. The whole track has this unique 80’s synth pop vibe to it which I love.”

You recently staged your album release party at London’s Electric Brixton – how did that go?

“It was one of the best shows of my life. We sold it out completely and premiered the newest addition to the live band: Jordi, who’s joining us on guitars. Also, I was able to play a lot of songs of the Sunrise to Sunset album for the first time which was amazing.”

This year, you have played at some massive festivals, including Tomorrowland and Ultra! Do you have a favorite place to play? And if so, why?

“That has to be Coachella. Such an unique experience! Also, it’s a big honor to get asked to play there since they don’t book a lot of DJ’s.”

Your ranking in the DJ Mag Top 100 rose again this year, how important are those kind of polls for DJs?

“I feel honored about the fact that so many people voted for me again, even though I didn’t do any type of promotion. That said though, it’s just a popularity contest. Also, DJ Mag Top 100 has a very narrow target audience: it’s mostly young aspiring producers that vote so the list is quite biased.”

Finally… What does 2018 hold in store for Sam Feldt?

“So much exciting stuff! I’m working on a collab with a big Hollywood actor and singer right now and the touring schedule is filling up fast! I’m going to be bringing the full live band, including Jordi on guitars to most of the shows so expect a whole different experience when you see Sam Feldt on stage next!”

A personable, and highly polished producer, Sam Feldt’s ‘Sunset’ album serves as an aural embodiment of his signature sound, and completes the second half of his ‘Sunrise to Sunset’ journey.
The album is released today, and can be streamed in full, below.


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