Sander van Doorn drops ‘Purple Haze’ ADE album release party set

One of the many highlights of last month’s Amsterdam Dance Event without a doubt was Sander van Doorn‘s appearance as his tech trance alter ego Purple Haze. The legendary Dutch DJ/producer started the Purple Haze project years ago already, releasing a string of topnotch euphoric trance productions like ‘Adrenaline’ and Eden’ (2006), ‘Bliksem’ and ‘Hymn 2.0’ (2009 and 2010). After a gap of 7 years, van Doorn surprised his fans in March with an amazing 2-hour Purple Haze set at Ultra Music Festival Miami and luckily it proved not to be a one-time affair.

Throughout the years Sander van Doorn produced many chart-topping tracks in different genres, but at the end of 2016 he decided to dust off his Purple Haze alias again. It started with the production of ‘Neiloj’, a track that really suited the Purple Haze sound of van Doorn’s previous years: deeper, darker, yet euphoric, with driving basslines and long breaks. It inspired him to produce a series of Purple Haze tracks, enough to compile an entire album, titled ‘SPECTRVM’, which was released on Sander’s own Doorn Records label, two weeks prior to ADE.

On October 21st, fans came together at the newly opened Amsterdam Chin Chin Club for a very special release party of the new  album. Van Doorn put together a truly amazing set, including some of his older Purple Haze tracks, as well as the 13 tracks of the ‘SPECTRVM’ album, such as the latest single ‘Choir 1.0’, ‘Contrast’, ‘Kill Kitten’ and – of course – ‘Neiloj’.

Sander van Doorn shared the ‘SPECTRVM’ release party set in two separate episodes of his popular Identity radio show (#414 and #415), that he has now dropped on his SoundCloud account. Relive the epic night of October 21st, or find out what you’ve missed if you weren’t part of it, by checking the sets here below.