Festival EDM

Sheel x Kcaaz – Limerence

Both relatively new comers to the dance music sphere, Sheel and Kcaaz have been growing and improving steadily over the past twelve months with each subsequent release. So it is no surprise that they decided to team up in the studio and challenge their creativity together, resulting in their latest single ‘Limerence’. Previously exploring trap and hip-hop infused dance music, Sheel has switched things up on this occasion with a more melodic future bass anthem. Similarly, American youngster Kcaaz’s recent hit ‘What U Want’ showcases a downtempo, almost cinematic style of production that is noticeably different to this latest collaboration.

‘Limerence’ is a dark, intense and equally electrifying track that begins with a series of ambient pads and effects to set the tone, before the energy rises and the hard hitting snares lead us to the climax. With the harsh lead synth dominating when the drop kicks in, the listener is taken on a melancholic trip. The heavy sidechain gives a pumping effect that adds extra energy, and the driving bass line means that everybody on the dance floor will be moving. And with a production quality that is far beyond their years, it seems the sky really is the limit for these talented up and comers as they continue to demonstrate why they are certainly ones to be looked for in the future.

Stream ‘Limerence’ in full below.