AREA21 – Glad You Came

As promised, Martin Garrix has released the second of two new singles, with ‘Glad You Came‘  released as part of his hip hop duo AREA21. AREA21 is a side project of Garrix’ that sees the Dutch native and two-time DJ Mag 100 winner team up with Detroit born hip hop rapper and producer Maejor.

Billboard Magazine‘s review of the single poses it as a thematic exploration of Millennial nihilism but with a satisfying party bounce. In that sense it’s the opposite of Garrix’ other release today–his collaboration with David Guetta, ‘So Far Away‘. The track was intended to have Ellie Goulding as the featured vocalist, and a war of words ensued on Twitter over why she was no longer featured. Instead, demo track vocalist Romy Dya and Jamie Scott shared vocals on the new incarnation of the track.

The clever lyric video features an animated alien dancing around while the lyrics flash behind him. The extraterrestrial theme is in keeping with the duo’s name, as AREA21 is an homage to the infamous military base known as Area 51, rumored to be the location of alien landings.

Check out ‘Glad You Came‘ below: