Axwell slams angry fans for recent comments following the release of ‘Dreamer’

As the outcry from fans regarding Axwell & Ingrosso’s recent single only seems to be mounting, Axwell took to Instagram to indirectly reply to fans eagerly awaiting some sort of response. According to numerous fan pages, commentaries, and devout house music aficionados, “Dreamer” was the one. Considered to be one of the most melodic, euphoric, and astonishing progressive house songs to ever be crafted, fans were utterly shocked by the duo’s rendition released this past Friday.

The backlash being dealt from the house music community and fans for “Dreamer” is more than just mere distaste, dissatisfaction, or hatred. The scorn stems from a community of listeners and consumers that have nothing but the utmost respect for Axwell & Ingrosso and the progressive house scene. They simply wanted what they were shown. The narrative from the outside is simple, Axwell & Ingrosso premiered a one-of-a-kind track at ADE in 2016 that touched to the core of fans, possibly their “Magnum Opus” if you will. A year and some months later a more trendy, pop, future bass sounding version was released. The changes albeit were not astronomic. The drop for “Dreamer” was changed, and in a genre and culture where the “drop” is of high importance and encompasses so much, this essentially means the track was transformed in the eyes of listeners.

So what did Axwell say? In an Instagram post his post read “If you like progressive music as much as I do check out “Dawn“, “Belong“, “How Do You Feel Right Now“, just released a few months ago”.  In a crafty way, Axwell is referring to the feedback for “Dreamer”. What can we derive from this indirect, passive, and nonchalant comment? Well for starters maybe we are overthinking the whole conundrum, however, there is no fun in that. In interviews with the duo, they describe how there is truly “no master plan” they hold as artists. The bottom line message in this post could be that Axwell is trying to express to fans that styles change and they need to relax and enjoy what they already have. 2017 was a huge year for the artists and their respective labels (Axtone and Refune). Managing touring all around the world and headlining electronic music’s biggest festivals one might think they have already given fans so much as artists throughout their careers.

Naturally, fans jump to conclusions on why Axwell & Ingrosso changed “Dreamer”, conjuring up cheeky explanations such as “it was a move to make more money” and “they did it to follow trends and create another song like More Than You Know”. All in all, the current discourse for “Dreamer” reflects the evolving house music scene and the growing divide amongst styles, genres, and the fans who follow them.

Love it or hate it, “Dreamer” is up for discussion. Check out Axwell’s post below, and check out the full synopsis for the song here.