Bingo Players debut two fresh singles on new “What’s Next” EP series

Speaking on the concept of his newest E.P, distinguished Dutch DJ/producer Bingo Players states, “I wanted to have an opportunity to shine a light on new producers who are still coming up”. The two new singles “Don’t Hold Back” and “Get Physical” are collaborations with fellow Dutch producers Oomloud and Robin Aristo released on Hysteria Records.

The first single, “Don’t Hold Back” with duo Oomloud is a bouncy electro-house banger that features the Bingo Players sound with some nifty synth work. Regarding the creation of the track, Marteen stated that both producers coming from the same part of the Netherlands and growing up listening to the same music made the creative process feel natural. Oomloud and Bingo Players have joined forces before, with the track “Tic Toc” also on Hysteria. We can expect to see much more quality music coming from the producers in the future.

“Get Physical” is Bingo Players joint project with Robin Aristo, also hailing from the Netherlands. The track features a strong rave line up front complimented by powerful drums. Robin Aristo is only 19 and Maarten Hoogstraten speaks very highly of the upcoming Dutch producer, stating that he is “one of the most talented young producers making music right now”. Robin Aristo has an impressive, diversified discography for his age, with releases on Revealed, Sosumi, and Hysteria among many other prominent labels. Along with a remix for the colossal trance DJ Armin Van Buuren, we can only patiently wait for what he has in store next.

The new E.P strongly features the iconic “Bingo Players” sound. In an effort to bring new light into the club music scene, Hysteria Records new E.P “What’s Next” is sure to impress.

Listen below!