Celebrate Armin van Buuren’s birthday with his very first episode of ASOT from 2001

One of our favourite trance artists and longtime music pioneer Armin Van Buuren has just celebrated his 41st birthday meaning the Dutch DJ adds another successful year to his long-standing and decorated music career. For well over two decades Armin has graced the industry with some of the most spectacular music, shows and performances across the globe. But the DJs dedicated following over the years has owed its passionate rise to Armin’s illustrious and on-going radio show ‘A State Of Trance‘.

Said to be Armin Van Buuren’s rise to stardom, his weekly radio show ‘A State Of Trance’ to date captivates over 37 million weekly listeners around the world from more than 80 countries and has helped cultivate an interest in trance across borders. As of last week ‘A State of Trance’ aired its 844th episode since the very first airing back on 1st of June 2001.

Rewinding back to the past, ASOT 001 consisted of some tracks that will sure send you into a blast from the past. Armin spun tracks such as the sensational ‘Exhale‘ by System F feat Armin van Buuren to ‘then’ the track of the week Sonic Inc‘s – ‘The Taste of Summer‘. There was also the feel-good trance track ‘See Me here‘ by Orion which will make you fall in love with trance classics again.

Armin Van Buuren over the years has an array of accolades to his name. Armin holds the record in the United States for most entries on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart at 21, Grammy nominated for the award of Best Dance record single with his ‘This Is What It Feels Like’, and most notably won DJ Mags top 100 DJs a record five times.

To celebrate Armin Van Buuren turning 41, We Rave You invites everyone to re-live the very first episode from ‘A State of Trance’ below.