Davoodi – Lights Out

A long time frequenter of the TekStyle circles as a pioneering producer and DJ, Davoodi has been at the helm of producing some of the biggest hits of the hard hitting style and sound. With hits such as ‘Let It Out‘ and ‘Party Anthem,’ the Belgian DJ has dominated clubs and festivals around Europe with his unique sound – one that mixes the pristine Hardstyle with a more prominent hint of the famous Electro sound – helping him land a place on the Tomorrowland Q-Dance stages in 2012 and 2013 and on the revered Pussy Lounge in 2016 and 2017, bringing the total to a staggering 8 years of Tomorrowland performances. And now the Belgian heavyweight is looking to make his mark with his latest track ‘Lights Out’ on the up and rising Dutch label RecPlay Records.

Eerie and oozing a pure urgency to be dominant, the track showcases the factors of a main-stage single. As Davoodi features his infectious hard hitting production style – laced here with hints of Trap and Moombahton – ‘Lights Out’ comes into its own with the catchy vocal snippets and heavy beat-work that is assured to get any stage shaking. Its another noteworthy thing that Davoodi lets loose his versatility as he shows a much more rougher and festival based sound which is less reliant on a vocals shift. Another stellar release on their platform, the RecPlay Records setup should be taking notes of a budding success as Davoodi’s ‘Lights Out’ lines up among their first few releases.

‘Lights Out’ is out and available on RecPlay Records here.

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