deadmau5 reveals beautiful orchestral version of ‘Strobe’

deadmau5 has revealed an orchestral version of his iconic masterpiece ‘Strobe‘ during a recent Twitch stream online. The Canadian DJ who has produced a variety of styles within the progressive house genre gave the Mau5 following a small but delightful taste of his redefined classic.

During the stream, deadmau5 was discussing movie scores, to which the topic was followed by the esteemed artist introducing a sensational ‘Strobe’ rendition. the DJ indulged his fans in the opening sequence of the track before calling time. With this, it was clear deadmau5 has a track of sheer beauty wrapped up in that studio of his.

‘Strobe’ over the years has received many remixes, edits, chops and changes, and like many other classic tracks of our time, Strobe remains as one of the greatest electronic songs in existence. However, hearing his own orchestral version on the stream, it out does all versions of the track to date and there is no remix that seems to quite compare with his newly fresh strings edit.

What we cannot say for sure is whether deadmau5 will release the track, but gauging from the online reaction the track has received this orchestral version of ‘Strobe’ will certainly be a massive hit. Check out the clip from deadmau5’s stream below and watch the DJ reveal a snippet of the beautiful track.