Ethan Marx – Dusk’s Curse

Up-and-coming producer Ethan Marx has showcased his undeniable talents once again with another majestic musical piece. Continuing his success, Marx has released the ambient new track titled “Dusk’s Curse“, which is now available for a free download.

“Dusk’s Curse” opens up with a combination of soothing melodies and striking piano chords. Altogether, the rejuvenating sequence builds up in intensity until a surge of energy releases from the concluding drop. With its atmospheric breaks and riveting synths, the final drop perfectly finishes off this absolute masterpiece from one of the electronic dance music scene’s most promising artists.

Based in Los Angeles, Ethan Marx has shown why he deserves the spotlight as a top-tier talent. His music definitely speaks for itself as it not only possesses high-quality sounds, but also a unique flavor that would lead any listener to tune in.

Since his earlier work, from his single “Tipsy Tom” to his remix of Porter Robinson’s “Lionhearted”, Marx’s career continued to ascend and impress many fans across the globe. Especially with the release of his recent records such as “Every Feeling is A Place” and “Say Goodbye”, and now with “Dusk’s Curse”, Ethan Marx should only become a household name very soon.

Listen to “Dusk’s Curse” below and you can grab a free download of the track here.