GatewAy – Tried That

The latest talent coming out of the U.S. is GatewAy, who has managed to build a cult like following across the Midwest over the past number of years through his electrifying, grimey, nostalgic sound that unites the sound of both past and present. His unique, deep synthy basslines, paired with smooth lead melodies can be heard throughout his catalogue of hits, with his evolving music style complimenting many EDM sounds, predominantly focusing on trap and house. And having already caught the attention of some of the industry’s biggest names, its fair to say that GatewAy is certainly one to keep and eye out for in the future.

On this occasion, he opts for a fast-paced Dubstep/ Trap hybrid that samples a vocal cover of Audox’sTried This, Tried That (Tried Everything)’. Starting with the atmospheric chords, we are swiftly led to The crisp lead synths combine nicely with the pulsing bass, making it perfect for any dance floor. With the intense energy guaranteed to get everybody moving, this is a must have for an DJ to carry in their arsenal of music.

And to make things even better, the track is available as a free download, so be sure to grab your copy and check out the entertaining music video below.