BREAKING: Hardwell and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike perform surprise B2B set

In a stunning fashion, the Belgian DJ/Producer powerhouse Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike join forces with dance legend Hardwell. This comes as a major surprise because in 2015, Hardwell called out Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike just when they claimed his title on the throne as the world’s #1 DJ. The scene was that of utter shock. There were stories such as how in Tomorrowland 2015, the Belgian duo and Tomorrowland resident DJs had payed canvassers walking around the grounds with iPads having people vote for the duo.  Compounding that with the viral video made with Charlie Sheen, and the claims that Maarten Vorwerk has long been the duo’s ghost producer, Hardwell was locked and loaded.

Moving beyond the times past, the DJ’s have reckoned with each other and put their opinions aside, delivering a massive set. Belgian fans were treated to the miraculous event just as “Apollo” from Hardwell and Amba Shepherd rang out from the speakers. The Dance music community has now just erupted as the reunion between the two made in Antwerp, Belgium comes as a massive shock. In the live video posted on Hardwell’s Facebook you can even catch the three DJ’s enjoying a shot together, it would seem as if all is well between the two iconic dance acts. With fans commenting on the live stream, “Epic moment for EDM”, “Why are they friends when Hardwell told them they were cheating on the DJ Mag”, and “glad to see they are friends”, it is unsure how the reception will be later on.

Some might receive this event as the biggest closing to 2017 EDM fans could ask for. It has been two years since we have seen Hardwell perform at Tomorrowland in Belgium. As a result of the beef between the artists, Hardwell was shunned from Tomorrowland which has notoriously been the one festival that Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have made the biggest mark on.

2017 has been filled with surprises, with friendships being reborn, rumours of massive reunions, and documentary premieres on historic legacies, who knows what’s next.

Is 2018 the year Hardwell returns to Tomorrowland?

Stream the B2B performance below: