Hikari feat. Kaii – Any Moment

As the adventure carries on for RecPlay Records and their fair crop of artists which make up the bunch of their debut releases, things couldn’t get better for the Mannheim based producer and DJ Hikari and his fellow countrywoman Kaii who have landed a second collaboration on the label’s charts. Hot on the heels of their last production titled ‘Memories,’ the collaborative partners return to the equally high riding Dutch label with their second release titled ‘Any Moment’.

Soft and mellow from the get go, it is Kaii’s touch-and-go vocal shift that introduces the track alongside a somber beat-work from the German producer. Taking nothing away from him, while Hikari does his bit brilliantly in the first half before the drop, it is hard to get ones mind off the sumptuous vocal work. From the drop onward, the boat is steady in the adept hands of Hikari as he guides it through a sea of liquid dub-step sounds with a resonant bass-line and showing masterful production skills. Probably a shout-out for the best release on the label among the recent flurry of them, ‘Any Moment’ is a standout second release for both the German artists as they further their collaborative chemistry.

Hikari’s ‘Any Moment’ is available for a quick download here through RecPlay Records.

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